Watch TVeverywhere

Registration for Watch TVeverywhere

You may visit to watch a 5 minute video about registration or go to to begin.

• Select your provider

· Click on “Register.” You will need your account number & the correct spelling of the last name on the account.

· Provide an email address. This will be your username. This can be any valid email address.

*User name:____________________________

· Provide a password.

*Password: ____________________________

· Select a password reset question.

· Supply the answer to the password reset question.

· Click on Register.

· Now, check the email address you just provided. You will find an email message with your Watch TVeverywhere  activation link. Click on the link to complete the registration process.

· You are done and can begin to enjoy Watch TVeverywhere.

Login to Watch TVeverywhere

Begin your session of Watch TVeverywhere using your account username as your login & the password you provided.

· USING A WEB BROWSER - Go to and enter your email address as the login and then enter your password. Then click the log of the channel you want to watch, and select programming from the on-screen menu.

· USING A MOBILE DEVICE –  Download the free app from each network you want to watch. The first time you use a new app on your device, you will be prompted to select Richland-Grant Telephone Cooperative from a list of providers and enter your Watch TV Everywhere account. Select the TV Network you want to watch and choose from the list of the available programs

*It is important that you keep your username and password confidential. Use of your credentials by others will result in loss of Watch TVeverywhere privileges.